Sunday, November 14, 2021

Why Apple has not included Face ID in M1 Pro and M1 Max


Apple has recently launched M1 pro and M1 max to the market and has received much positive response from the technology experts. However, most tech experts were critical of Apple for not including Face ID on the notch and I could understand the reasons for Apple not including the Face ID authentication in the MacBook. Following are my reasons for not including Face ID in the latest M1 pro and M1 Max
  • Automatic password/purchase authentication: Since most users will be spending their time working on the MacBook, there are chances that the payment authentication can happen automatically through Face ID and may result in monetary loss.
  • Accidental Face authentication without usage: Other concern of integrating Face ID into the notch of the latest MacBook is that, even if you are not using your MacBook and your family or kid using for few minutes, there are chances that the Face ID authentication may happen automatically if your come closer to the MacBook. 
Even though, Apple can address above concerns with new system preference or options, it may not be feasible for basic users to modify those settings and would eventually complicate their Face ID authentication process. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Unavailability of iCloud+ for older Macs like 2012 MacBook Pro

As my readers knew that I have been using 2012 MacBook Pro for past few years and have no intentions of replacing my MacBook pro anytime soon. However, recently I was looking forward to subscribing for Apple One subscription and was facing roadblock when heard that iCloud+ will support only on latest Macs or the MacBook Pro's that are upgraded to Monetary operating system. Following are my justification on why Apple should include iCloud+ support for older macs and enable Apple One subscribers like me to enjoy iCloud+ subscription to the fullest
  • Using Latest iPhone OS and iPadOS: Lack of update to my old MacBook Pro 2012 doesn't mean that I still using old Apple ecosystem, as I have latest iOS 15 on my iPhone 11 and iPadOS 15 in my 7th Gen iPad. While I can leverage iCloud+ features on both my handheld devices, lack of availability in MacBook Pro makes me deterrent and restricted access to iCloud+ features.
  • Using Mac for most day-to-day activities: Even though I have latest version of iOS and iPadOS, I spend most of my time in my 2012 MacBook pro and do all my productivity activities in my MacBook Pro. While I can leverage private relay in my handheld devices, the lack of iCloud+ availability in older mac will not address my requirement and subscription to Apple One does not makes sense. 
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Thursday, July 22, 2021

How to listen regional Tamil, Telugu & Kannada songs in Dolby Atmos or Spatial Audio

With the recent launch of Dolby Atmos support for music catalogue available in Apple Music, most people would have rushed to experience the sound quality and its uniqueness. However, most users would have felt disappointed with the Dolby Atmos support or feature available only for English songs and some limited Hindi or Bollywood songs. But users can now experience the Dolby Atmos or spatial audio for their favorite regional songs by doing the below: 

  • · -> Got to music search in Apple Music and you would have gotten your favorite song listed.
  • · -> Click three dots and click show album
  • · -> If you scroll down the song's album, you will have music video option.
  • · -> Music video will either be the movie's original video or the song's lyric video
  • · ->Click the video that has your favorite song 
  • · -> Experience your favorite song in Dolby Atmos
In addition to Dolby Atmos feature, the user can also experience the song in Spatial mode. Experience your favorite regional song with Dolby Atmos quality and spatial audio. For mor such articles, please feel free to check out the articles published in G R Team Sites.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Suggestion on getting shapewear wholesale products

For most women across globe, getting into shape and having perfect structure is their topmost priority. The easier and effective solution for women would be to shop for shapewear products. There may be wide range of options available to shop for shapewear products available in market and online shopping would be the affordable solution. Recently, I came across this interesting online shopping network that offers wide collection of shapewear products at most affordable price, known as The online shopping site is one of the most popular online shopping sites that offers unique collection of shapewear products at wholesale price, that no other competitor online shopping site could offer. In this article, let me detail shapewear wholesale products available from the online shopping site. 
Black Seamless Full Body Shaper With Adjustable Straps Anti-Slip
The black seamless full body shaper with adjustable straps & anti-slip element would be the perfect solution for women, who were looking for smooth and sexy structure. The additional features of the product are as follows
  • Seamless design that makes it invisible under your daily clothes.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that make the bodysuit fit with your body. 
  • High elastic fabric around buttock can show your plump buttocks.
  • Ultra-soft nylon-spandex blend provides all-day comfort and easy movement
And includes lot more benefits, please feel free to check out the image link for more product information 
Gray Side Pocket Yoga Leggings High Waist Tummy Control Exercise

The gray side pocket yoga legging with high waist tummy control exercise product is one of the most affordable sports pants available in the collections and would be right option, if you are working out in the gym or relaxing at your home. The wholesale sportswear product also includes additional features such as 
  • Wide and high-rise waistband aligned together with tummy control.
  • Intimate outside pocket that can be used for holding mobile phones or essentials
  • Made from high quality fabrics and designed with exclusive element to remove moisture from your body.
  • Unique fitness and compression technology improves blood circulation and helps to release muscle fatigue.
Check out the image link to get additional information about the product. 

Black Seamless Full Body Shaper With Adjustable Straps Anti-Slip

If you were ever looking for one-stop solution for all shapewear products, Butt Lifter or sportswear, then online site would be the place you need to check out. For more information about the product collections or prices of the products, please feel free to check out the above links.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Comparison between Amazon Music and Apple Music in India

For a long time, I had oscillation on selection of best online music platform that offers superior sound quality and with affordable pricing option. So, I had formulated below table for the readers to opt for best suited online music platform, based on their priority and requirements.


Amazon Music

Apple Music


Rs. 499 per Year

(Assuming 50% will for prime shopping)

Rs. 999 per year

Music Catalog

Large collections available

Limited requires lot of regional music to be added

Sound Quality in AirPods Pro

Little bit grains on beats and voices

Crystal clear beats and voices


Large Music catalog

Sound Quality and Spatial Audio (Yet to experience)

Added features 

Application had to be opened for Alexa to work

Albums/Songs can be selected through Siri - Voice assistant

Voice Recognition

Alexa was little bit accurate than Siri

Siri was perfect on English songs, need to improve a lot on regional specific songs


If you are strict on budget or have cost constraints, then Amazon Music is the perfection option

If you want to experience sound quality and cost is not barrier, then Apple Music is best option

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