Monday, June 14, 2021

How apple music is steam ahead than Amazon Music 

I use Amazon music for a long time and been big fan of it. However, with recent announcements from Apple Music, with integration of Dolby atmos has changed situation altogether and usage of Amazon music have become questionable due to following reasons. 
  • Support for Dolby atmos & Spatial audio: Apple has announced that it’s entire catalogue of music will have Dolby atmos support before end of the year. However, Amazon music has not made official announcement or commitment on launch of Dolby support for its music catalogue. Just announcement of Dolby support for its music catalogue will not impact its users, until there is official commitment on enabling it for all users. 
  • Siri integration: I understand that Amazon music has Alexa voice assistant and was on par with Siri on identifying songs. However, for Alexa voice assistant to work, the music application should be open and cannot be summoned when iPhone is idle or if application is closed. 
Hope Amazon addresses above concerns at the earliest, so its loyal users don’t think of switching to another music platform and continues to stay with Amazon music. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the G R Team Sites.