Wednesday, December 21, 2022

How smart android box was my preferred streaming device

smart android box was my preferred streaming device

I have been looking out for affordable and reliable streaming device for my old TV for past several months. After careful consideration and comparison with Apple’s 4K TV device, I came to conclusion that Android streaming box would be perfect fit for my requirements. The decision on selecting Android streaming device was not made with hasty comparison and there were few pointers that ensured my decision easier. Following are my reasons on why Android streaming box was my preferred choice: 
  • Affordable cost: The cost of getting android box was more affordable than getting Google’s Chromecast device and Apple’s 4K TV box. In addition, the android box was offering more value for money than the any other streaming device available in the market, even better than Google’s own Chromecast device. 
  • Direct TV (DTH) and OTT option: The other unique proposition from Android box that stands out from Apple’s 4K TV box and Google’s Chromecast device was the OTT app integrations and DTH viewing option. So, the android box offered by the DTH provider have option of viewing both direct TV and OTT applications when needed. It reduces the pain of manually converting from direct TV to casting screen or OTT application movies and series. 
With above-mentioned options, it is evident that getting DTH service providers android box was the most affordable and feature rich option. For more such articles or information, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”