Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Unavailability of iCloud+ for older Macs like 2012 MacBook Pro

Unavailability of iCloud+ for older Macs

As my readers knew that I have been using 2012 MacBook Pro for past few years and have no intentions of replacing my MacBook pro anytime soon. However, recently I was looking forward to subscribing for Apple One subscription and was facing roadblock when heard that iCloud+ will support only on latest Macs or the MacBook Pro's that are upgraded to Monetary operating system. Following are my justification on why Apple should include iCloud+ support for older macs and enable Apple One subscribers like me to enjoy iCloud+ subscription to the fullest
  • Using Latest iPhone OS and iPadOS: Lack of update to my old MacBook Pro 2012 doesn't mean that I still using old Apple ecosystem, as I have latest iOS 15 on my iPhone 11 and iPadOS 15 in my 7th Gen iPad. While I can leverage iCloud+ features on both my handheld devices, lack of availability in MacBook Pro makes me deterrent and restricted access to iCloud+ features.
  • Using Mac for most day-to-day activities: Even though I have latest version of iOS and iPadOS, I spend most of my time in my 2012 MacBook pro and do all my productivity activities in my MacBook Pro. While I can leverage private relay in my handheld devices, the lack of iCloud+ availability in older mac will not address my requirement and subscription to Apple One does not makes sense. 
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