Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ring Central Review

Hope everybody would have heard about the Voice over Internet protocol. There are many services which are providing this facility. Yesterday, I was searching for one fine service which is providing VOIP. When I was searching I came to see Skype, lingo, vopibuster, etc. But everything seems to be normal but found a real good one which seems to be very mush user friendly. The name was RingCentral. It is same as Skype, that you can make calls to other countries through computer. You can make calls from computer to Phones of other countries at very low fare. So instead of making calls from Phone to Phone you can make calls from PC to phone. In Ring Central you can also avail a Toll-free number and so if you are doing business you can boost it up using this toll-free number. There is also fax service available with Ring Central. The fare is also low for calls, which is 0.039$ per minute. It is a complete enterprise class phone with fax features. Moreover if you want to know about more of its features you can log into the site called, where you can find more reviews about Ring Central Review column. You can also write testimonials about the products in the site. After coming to know this entire feature with ring central, I have decided to go for this Voip service to make foreign calls. Since my friends are in abroad, this will be useful for me to reach them often. Thanks for voip.

New Fire Casinos

Many sites nowadays provides you with online casino reviews, but most of them are not the best reviews. People who are interested to know about the best online casino reviews, please visit Casino Games This is one of the best online casino reviews. In this site you will get to know about the online casinos, free casino games, poker rooms, sports betting, beginner's guide, game reviews, about bingo, about craps, about keno and many more. To know more about this site please visit Online Casinos In this site online casinos offer state of art of the game graphics and sounds.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Get all new ringtones

The needs of the mobile phones uses keep on growing along with the easiness the gadgets offer. Such easiness is including the ability for us in doing the communication stuffs easily. And in these times, the mobile phones have transformed themselves into the stylish gadgets that can be used as the way we can modify our own styles. One of feature in mobile phone is ring tone. One of feature in mobile phone is ringtone. Last, mobile phone ring is just midi or wav system but today mobile phone ring more creative and modern. You can create and set your ringtone with your favorite song from your favorite singer. If you are still using last ringtone you must change your ringtone now and find your ringtone at, website that provides you mobile phone ringtone, wallpaper, horoscope, theme and more features free. Last, mobile phone ring is just midi or wav system but today mobile phone ring more creative and modern. Flycell provides you a lot of ring tones, games, wallpaper, themes and more services. In flycell you can download all genres of music from your favorite singer. Beside that ATT ringtones are giving you alternative entertainment with cool application for your mobile phone. AT &T provides you Tmobile ringtones that suit to your need and style. Beside that, four categories are offered in this site especially for ringtones service. Now you just browse in this site and you can download free your favorite song for your cool ringtone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Egnyte file sharing review

Egnyte delivers infrastructure on-demand services to small businesses looking to outsource their IT infrastructure. Egnyte’s customers come from a wide variety of industries and include consultants, financial services firms, marketing firms, web design firms, accountants, real estate and mortgage firms, start-ups, medical & pharmaceutical companies and numerous non- profit firms. Egnyte supports customers today across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Egnyte has recently announced that it will be establishing an unique file sharing software focused solely on net books. Its new file server will allow unlimited online storage for net book users. The new program will permit users to gain access securely and share files quickly and easily. Egnyte intends to be the only company offering an integrated and on-demand file sharing solution to tackle the problems of data storage, file backup, and information transfer. With Egnyte’s new program, there will be no need for file-server hardware as users’ file will be securely stored in an instantly accessible way. Egnyte works with most platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Web access works with Fire fox, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Monthly fees start at $15 per full-service user.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

About Kontron AdvancedMC and AdvancedTCA

If you are looking for Advanced MC and AdvancedTCA, you can visit Kontron Company. Kontron Designs and manufactures embedded computer systems at location in Europe (Southern Germany), North America, Asia and Russia. This company is founded in 1962. Kontron is a world market leader. The enterprise, headquartered in Eching, Germany, is listed on the German stock exchange under the symbol “KBC”. Kontron is the premier number with the Intel Communications Alliance. Kontron helps leading OEMs and system integrators to significantly reduce their time-to-market to gain the competitive edge. Kontron designs and manufactures innovative building blocks capable of supporting numerous applications for today’s networked infrastructure. You can find information about AdvancedMC also here. AMC or AdvancedMC is the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group’s specification (PICMG AMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.2, and AMC3, AMC.4 respectively) for hot-swappable and field-replaceable mezzanine cards. Using the above-mentioned building blocks of different leading technologies, Kontron is able to tailor each of the standards products and systems to your needs – but always strictly committed to open standards. Another important aspect of systems, as well as pure boards, is the performance. Performance is not only the pure hardware performance, but also the board support package, the BIOS or the drivers. At, this entire component is developed in-house.

Buy Laptop in Computer Shopper

Laptop computers are gaining popularity and are advancing to replace the desktop computers. Newer trends and innovations in laptop computers are making them a gullible buy. Laptop computers have evolved over the years; they have reduced in size and are pumping up in performance. There are different types of laptop computers but the 4 broad categories are, ultra portable laptop computers, mid-sized or popular laptops, gaming laptops and business laptops. The size of the laptop computer varies in each category and the cost differs according. If you wish to buy a computer or even if you have the computer, then you can find something great at this site. I had a great idea of purchasing a new laptop computers and I had a visit to this site and where I found huge number of varieties at this site. I started to admire at this site and I later went through the features of all the products at their site. It would be great for you if you could visit this site You will really find it great with this site and can make use of the soft wares to make your computer work better. If you are in the holiday hurry, then you need to make a visit to their site and find the best products that you need. They also have many other products like cameras, graphics cards, printers, peripherals, monitors and so on. This is the best place for you to buy all these products. Technology is developing in a faster rate and you will be amazed to know all these things just at this site. Just make few clicks to visit this site and you can find the best that you can find anywhere else. Go ahead with your visit and start your house to look better with their products.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Wash Electric

Walsh Electric provides full service electrical contracting and service. Edwalsh founded the company after serving with one of the oldest electrical contractors, E.W. Zimmerman Corp. Rated as the best electrical contractors by Dun & Bradstreet; Walsh Electric has the best electrical contractors in northern Virginia. It also provides the best commercial electrical service, repair and installation. They do everything, from replacing small light bulbs, switches and to installing big Generators in Virginia providing the best customer service in northern Virginia. Walsh Electric has a security division certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). They are one of the best providers of security systems in Washington DC. For the residential customers they have the POWERCAP 245. This is very important for residences as it will save about 25 per cent of the electricity bill. Other than the savings it will also help in prolonging the life of your home appliances. Yet another advantage is the guarantee that comes with it. The money back offer is an attractive feature too. You can also enjoy the benefit of Ceiling Fan Installation Special for $275 only! Hurry now as you will not get such a good offer anywhere else. Now know this electrician service company and enjoy all these benefits.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

CreditNexus new Free Credit Report

If you are planning to get a loan, now or anytime in the near future, you need to make sure that you have a good credit score. This affects credit score is seen in the credit report, which is the basis of the lending institutions whenever they are processing a loan application. Many find it difficult with their credits and here is a solution for this. Here I found a site that helps those people and is Credit Nexus 3-in-1 helps you to avoid crime action that often done by people by stealing credit holder identity. They offer credit report for free and thus they attract the customers. It is a fact that nowadays because of the sub prime crisis, and now with the financial and economic crisis there are thousands of Americans with credit problems and remove credit report errors and even without the access to credit. The best credit report on store with the Credit Nexus makes it so easy for you to arrive at a conclusion on the transactions you have made over the period of time. This report is needed by lender, credit card company and lender to know your payment history before approved to get loan, is used for get mortgage and they also will ask you to show your credit score you want to charge your amount. If you are interested to improve credit, you will also find ways how to improve credit score. The credit reports that you need can be browse and found on the internet. If you feel you need to know interest rates, terms, loan amount from many lenders, you can read some useful articles here.

New CreditNexus press release

We needed to have a credit report before we can be approved for the loans application that we did applied. There are lending companies that can now be easily being found on the Internet. They have thought of putting their business on the Internet. Ashworth College or Ashworth University first opened back in 1987 and was then called Professional Career Development Institute. Initially only the Professional Real Estate Appraisal Program was offered. Since then Ashworth college has grown into a University which offers 75 career related programs for millions of career oriented individuals. Ashworth uses state of the art IT systems to make student life easier like having a student portal on line where enrolled students can view their grades, track tuition payment & library access all with just a click of the mouse. For people on the go looking to advance their knowledge and careers Ashworth provides online courses such as business, Legal Studies, IT, Healthcare and offers several degree options like Masters Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, Associate's Degrees, High School Diplomas & even career diplomas. Ashworth was put up for the working class who is talented but do not have the degrees to show and time to spare to pursue degrees. With Ashworth college online you are able to pace yourself and balance work time, study time and leisure time easily and conveniently from your computer. Ashworth University is dully recognized in the education community and is even accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council making a perfect choice for Talented, Career oriented goal getters.

Asworth college degrees

Getting an online college degree is one right decision for any person who wants to be successful in any field in the business industry. There are many universities and colleges that offer college degree education in the Internet, especially business degree. Places like Ashworth College exist to help students in various areas and programs, from college admission, student guidance and assessment, financial aid to students who cannot pay the for a good college education, and of course help students and parents to study and learn. Ashworth University is dully recognized in the education community and is even accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council making a perfect choice for Talented, Career oriented goal getter. Ashworth College is part of this great network of educational organizations, founded in 1900. They have some very good programs like SAT, PSAT and Advanced Placement Programs available for all the seven millions students and parents that College Board serve each year. College Board connects students to succeed, this is their main goal. See the videos about Ashworth College look at their site and check all the help that College Board association has for students, parents and professionals. Programs and tests, plan for college, searching and apply for a college and even the financial maters. See College Board and check everything about this educational organization!

Acai Berry Diet Links

Acai products are completely reviewed and considered to be the best. Acai can be one of the effective weight loss agents in the world. You can also get to know about the extreme acai gerry, acai berry power 500, on this site. You will also get to know about acai berry diets, origins of acai, the acai berry on Operah and many more. People who are looking to reduce their weight please visit this site acai berry This is one of the best site for increased weight loss, to reduce bloating, fight aging, shrink waist size and extra energy. You can reduce your tummy in no time.

New Ashworth College

The Ashworth College Blog is an interactive space designed to promote informative, insightful, and inspiring discussion on a variety of different topics. You can acquire necessary knowledge in business, marketing, leadership and more. Ashworth College has expanded course offerings, upgrades in educational services and enhancements in instructional quality that anyone can achieve. In enrolling to a certified online colleges and universities that you can earn college degrees online. You can acquire necessary knowledge in business, marketing, leadership and more. Ashworth College is a respected, famous, and recognized worldwide as a leader in lifestyle friendly learning offering.

Bring On The Smiles

The social networking has become a new revolution in the Internet. It helps us various ways to expose us to different people and get new friends around the world. The new makes it easy to connect with friends and family in a more creative and compelling way. Unlike other solutions that focus on organizing, editing, and sharing photos or sending pre-packaged ecards, the Smilebox service enables users to create something truly powerful by Choosing from hundreds of unique multimedia designs, easily personalizing them with photos, video, music, words, and style and sharing them via e-mail, blog, or print. Smilebox makes Scrapbooking fun, easy and free! Share birthdays, holidays, special occasions, vacations, family time and more in our many fabulous designs. You can just choose from hundreds of digital scrapbooking layouts from leading designers including Making Memories, K & Co. and various designers around the world. You can also just add your photos, words, music, even videos, to make an online scrapbook. With Smilebox, free scrapbooking is that easy! So you can e-mail your online scrapbook to friends and family, or post it to your blog. Use to deliver a new medium for communication unparalleled in its ability to convey mood, thought.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something about Kerchoonz

Kerchoonz is a forward thinking multi-media company conceived to help level the playing field for artistic people. The social media platform lets registered artists and songwriters share their music and videos with fans while getting paid for every stream and download through a combination of the ISRC and play counts by using unique coding and encryption within the application. Kerchoonz pays unsigned acts half of a penny for every play and up to 10p for every download - by far the largest payments available to any act choosing to give away their music online. If you want to get some free music via streams and downloads, you should visit the good guys over at kerchoonz dot com. They have built up a system where the artists and labels get paid via advertising revenues. As a fan, you can also make money by referring other bands and artists to the web site. This provides a truly interactive experience for fan of music. This web site is free for listeners and people who are looking to download music. For me the fun section is the great part - I got stuck there at my first visit for quite a while. I love those little flash games and Kerchooze offers a good variety of them. My favorite game so far is Cunning Stunt and you better watch out for Spark - come on, try to beat my score! Of course Kerchoonz offers all the features you would expect from a good social network, too. So what are you waiting at? Stop reading and register at Kerchooze for free, broaden your musical horizon and ensure that your favorite artists get paid for their hard work!

YNAB software review

YNAB {You Need A Budget} pro software is the first and foremost methodology for handling your money. It is focused on your personal budget rather than the account balance. The YNAB pro software is bound to four rules they are:
  1. Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  2. Give Every Dollar a Job
  3. Save for Rainy Days
  4. Roll with the Punches
The YNAB budget software, either as a spreadsheet or standalone application, is built to help users follow these Four Rules. The software is flexible enough that you can tweak things to fit your situation, but once you find out what life is like with a few Rules, I am sure you will find how to stick around. The ordinary YNAB does not compile with all the features, but the YNAB pro budget software allows you to Import transactions from bank, Automate Recurring Entries, Unlimited Categories, Auto-suggest Budgeting, Gorgeous reporting, Built-In Receipt splitting and a lot more features. There are various benefits by using this software and to have an outline of this, few of them include save time, gain control and Reach your goals. And I am sure this software is going to be a great gift for you in this festival season.

About Zenni opticals

Being the popular online eyeglasses shop Zenni optical certainly is the first preference for the people looking for fashionable eyeglasses. So for all those people who wish to get eyeglasses, I would like to suggest them to buy the Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical. The customers can find a wide rage of eyeglass categories in their web site. Zenni Optical is the popular online eyeglasses shop. Users can even subscribe to their website just by entering their e-mail address in the box provided in their web site. The web sites most featured product is the $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. This web site has got the shopping cart facility.

Short Refinance help

A Short Refinance helps homeowners that do not have sufficient equity to refinance through normal channels. This type of refinance is most commonly used for borrowers experiencing a financial hardship. The helps you to solve all your financial and real estate problems. There are solutions to every real estate problem, such as a short sale or short refinance. Just because your home is listed with a Realtor doesn't mean that you cannot do more. It may take over a year to sell with a Realtor in this market; do you have that much time to wait? They take a proactive approach to your real estate needs and make sure that you are doing everything possible to put these problems behind you. Short Refinance is another great way to help you not lose your home. Short refinance has helped many people over the last year. They can help you by doing short refinance and there are professional to guide you.

Friday, December 12, 2008

About Natural Healers

Man needs both mental and physical healing. We look forward to our roots which has bought out the medical remedies available through natural resources it. Something natural is being sought by many people nowadays. This is because of the idea that something natural is much better than artificial thing since there is big worry that artificial products have been affected by toxin. Across the world as time has evolved so as many in depth studies of medicines and each school has a developed its own methodology and philosophy of healing and lot of chiropractic schools have come up. You can go to and find the fact that natural healers must possess enough knowledge. They also offer a personal training certification course that is very useful. In this website, you will find many homeopathy schools that offer special training. For example, if you want to be a personal trainer, you must possess personal trainer courses that can be obtain from some schools. You can browse the directory in this website and you will find the schools that offer this personal training certification. Their experts answer your questions about fast-growing careers in alternative medicine and natural health, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic schools, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, personal fitness training and more. Let's use and become a healer ourselves.

Zenni Optical Review

I’m sure if anybody will enjoy they holiday with the family and love ones. The most beautiful body part certainly is your eyes and with the Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical you get a certain enhancement in their beauty. Zenni Optical is another eye catching deal for modern people and to get it from the popular online eyeglasses shop. They provides facilities like $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses which makes it the perfect stop for the people looking for an astonishing eye gear.

Free Lander Review

The Land Rover next generation Freelander is the hot topic. The Freelander, wholly designed by the Rover Group, was born after market research in the late 1980s suggested that a market for compact off-roaders was likely to develop. Do you think that all 4X4's are unfriendly beasts? Then I think you should check out Freelander SUV's. For many who would have thought that all 4X4's are nasty polluting machines they have a size category that easily slips into the £8 congestion charge zone.
The Land Rover has a configuration that passes 225g/km limit in 2.2 TD4 guises for natural transmission. The Freelander produces just 194 g/km, which is very comfortably within the £8 zone and it's plushest and best equipped among its range. This machine does not have any trouble in shifting gears yourself in huge London's traffic. If you opt for automatic Freelander which emits 224g/km - perilously close to that limit. You just have this FreeLander and you will not mind leaving your Range Rover at home during the week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bathroom e-commerce site Review

Press Release

Designer products Boundary price

Boundary Bathrooms supplies a vast range of bathroom products nationwide via the internet and its impressive showroom situated in Colne, Lancashire. Products include sanitaryware, steam and sauna cabins, spas, shower enclosures, brassware, heated towel radiators, mirrors and accessories.

The company offers products from almost every major brand in the bathroom industry along with smaller, new designers, like Eskimo radiators plus brands exclusive to Boundary Bathrooms, such as SaniSteam and SaniSauna. All products are available at rates exclusive to creating an accessible one stop shop for all bathroom solutions.

Boundary Bathrooms has been established for sixty years and the website is certified 'Hackersafe', is Safebuy assured and uses Protx secured payment systems. For further information on this and many more products contact:

Boundary Bathrooms formally known as Ainsworth & Dent, was founded over fifty years ago by Mr. Ainsworth and Mr. Dent. The Boundary Bathrooms company is run on traditional family lines blended with modern products, including working air baths and whirlpools , steam cubicles, ceilings, tiles, floor coverings, lighting, bathroom accessories, shower cubicles, power showers, fitted bathroom furniture, all chosen for their quality and value for money. It is on these foundations that Boundary Bathrooms have built up its reputation, becoming one of the most respected companies in its field. Take a moment to look at their vast range of bathroom suites, interior designs, kitchen products and a lot more. They have baths, basins, WCs, in fact they supply everything you will possibly need, from the standard to the traditional, luxury or contemporary, I am sure you can find something that suits you in this site.

Virus Protection Software Review

There are increasing viruses, Trojans and hackers in Internet and it is necessary to prevent your computer. You can just download Norton Antivirus 2009 and safe guard your computer. Norton Anti Virus now protects your computer from Viruses, Spy ware, Ad ware, Trojans and Internet Worms! It scans Instant Messages and E mail attachments for Viruses and other threats. It keeps your system protected against all types of malicious threats and delivers innovative intelligence-driven technology for faster, less, shorter scans. And automatic Virus Definition and Program Updates keep your virus protection up-to-date. Download Norton Antivirus today protect your computer and stay secure while you keep in touch with your friends.

Want Gorgeous Nails?

Every woman is curious about the latest cosmetics and Fashion now days. They keep searching in Internet and magazines about the latest products. The cosmetics include products like skin care, health care and nail care. In this post let me explain about nail polish and where to find the best of them. The is a Internet leader for name-brands. At they help you shop smarter, by offering top-quality name-brand merchandise at affordable prices every day of the week. The site offers various nail products for you and OPI nail polish stands amongst them. The site offers huge OPI nail polish collection and I would gift OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not - F13 to my girl friend. Use this product and Exhibit your sense of style with this royal purple. At you will find hundreds of your favorite brands. Their products are top-quality, just like you had expected to find in the nation's finest department stores, and they are backed by the warranties you had expected. The has the grand brands and featured nail colors with them, and you can select the best from it. Get your nail colored from this site and make boys turn around you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

March Group Review

The Group has over 20 years of experience dealing with the mergers and acquisitions of mid-size, privately held businesses. Their sales, marketing and negotiation talents allow us to make business deals that leave both the seller and buyer satisfied with the result of the sale or merger. Their ability to link easily the appropriate sellers and potential buyers together comes from years of experience working with business owners and our expert knowledge of the global market. Selling a business can be a stressful and confusing time for business owners, but it doesn't have to be. As a specialist in business mergers and acquisitions, The March Group has the experience necessary to guide owners through the entire transaction process. From positioning a client's business properly to diligently finding potential buyers, This Group can properly executes the merger or acquisition of a client's company with professionalism and in a timely manner.
This Group was professional, diligent and discrete in uncovering buyers for your companies. In the end, you can be pleased with the transaction - from their honesty and professionalism to the size of the sale. I would recommend this group to anyone looking to sell a business. Even the easy stuff becomes very hard during the selling process, much more so than you what you had originally thought. Without this group it could be difficult for you the deals to be done!

Get Small Business Loans

It is never easy being a small business owner, and naturally when one has two deal with bad credit or low credit scores it's even harder. If you want to get a good small business loans you really do want to have a good credit rating or high credit score, but in order to have this you often need a small business loan. And many people are trying to start their own business but they do not have enough capital to start with. Those who are worrying to get loans, have a better solution here. Unsecured Funding Source gives you a confidence of getting small business loans as soon as possible. What you have to do is just enter this site, in the open page itself there will be some forms that are to be filled in by you, that will be just 2 step 2 min process asking about your personal details and the nature of the purpose you need loan for. They will reply you within 48 hours, which is why everyone will, recommend you to choose this site. They provide you loan for different choice like business start up loans, personal or business purchase. The website has a better relationship with thousand or credit providers throughout the country, so they will offer you better than any other site. The benefits you will get from this website are no assets are home needed, 100% unsecured, no application fees, no documentation for qualified applicants; they eliminate costly mistakes and finally 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The personal loans are also easy to get from this site. It is really an amazing Funding source for people like us.

Medical Career Training Review

In our present, apart from information technology courses Medical fields are highly demanded. Make your own schedule and obtain the college degree that you want by taking your classes online. At, you can find a huge listing of online college degrees offered. The information that you need is easy to find on, and it's all there for you to search through for free. The ultrasound tech training as a career is very fulfilling and rewarding. As technology improves, specific ultrasound tech training is important for anyone seriously considering a long-term career as an ultrasound technician.
Contact the experts at to find out abut the online accredited degrees that you could earn. They can give you all the information that you need to make a great choice and find a program that meets your needs. They will not give your information out to any of the schools unless you ask to them to do so and your information remains private.
It has been said that ultrasound tech school graduates are highly in demand and the demand would continuously increasing.
Of course having a Bachelor's degree earns more than those who have not finished their degree. Presently, professional people are needed to manage and help our world gets better. This is one of the best ways to earn a degree without going to school everyday spending time and cursing yourself to wake up early, prepare for school and the like. And, do not you know that the earning gap continues to widen as more people find that getting the education they need to advance professionally is easier when they can choose the most convenient times, and even the pace in which to explore their course material, by completing their education online. The medical assistant occupation is one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S. today. Often just being enrolled in a medical assisting program is enough to get you started on your new career.

Life Lock Review

Protection against fraudsters is the main aim of any identity theft protection company. Since many people become ID theft victims, many people use life lock promo code to protect the entire personal ID that they have. If you do not know ID theft, you can visit for the deeper information. ID theft is one of the most dangerous crimes in the world. It cannot hurt you or kill you. It can makes you poor and run your life.

ID theft will use your personal ID to open your account in the bank. Then they will use it to purchase any stuff that they want. It could be bad stuffs or something using your name. If someone knows, you will be the wanted person for the crime you never made. That's why people now using LifeLock promo code to protect them from this crime. You are able to read many lifelock review that will tell you about people bad experience with ID theft.

Once you are a member of life lock, it is their responsibility to protect you and you can stay relaxed. Incase of a thefts while under their scheme, they offer up to one million dollar guarantee. This shows the confidence in their system. The lifelock reviews speak of the company. In case of any doubts you can check these reviews and benefit.

Stranger than Fiction Review

This one had an interesting concept, an actor well known for working in funny movies which get screwed up half way and a review stating it is an average movie. Average movie it is for it is not some hard core art cinema nor is it your daily dose of entertainment, its just sweet.

Well it's probably one of the sweetest movies i have seen in recent times. Something will neither carry forward nor brand classic but one which I would not say was a waste of time. Seems ironical the review, but then that is how the movie is pretty ironical.

It's about a writer having a writer's block who doesn't know how to kill her central character. Somewhere around the corner in real life is her central character, a real living human being who can hear her narrate his story as she goes about writing the novel. Now she wants to kill him and he wants to stop her. What happens makes the story.

It's a watch a forget cute movie which does not leave you laugh till you drop but instead end with a sail and thinking what the hell, it was not so bad, I did not waste time or money.

Reviewers say its average, I say you can watch it once, either it's the really cute actor of a very weird story line, it definitely worth a watch....

A search for the XML superstar

A search for the XML superstar is offered by This competition consists of five different contests aimed at students and professionals alike. Each contest offers its own recognition and set of prizes. The range of skills encompasses those with a passing interest in XML and database technology to those with hard core programming skills in DB2. There are various contests available in this site such as video contest, Gadget contest, programming contest, query contest and XML2 contest each having unique features about the contest. Before participating, you will first need to take a Quick Quiz, a short questionnaire that requires no prior XML or database experience to complete. You only have to take the Quick Quiz once.

New Personality Tests

Personality refers to patterns of relatively enduring characteristics of behavior and the psychological classification of different types of individuals. A personality test aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remains stable throughout that person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. I came across a site that helps to check out your personality. The personality test provided by the site offers the most interesting, accurate and fun means of learning about you. They gather the latest and most accurate methods that modern psychometrics provide in learning about your tendencies, behavior and personality. These personality tests are based on the Big Five Factor personality characteristics and are designed to help you quickly asses your personality type. And for your excitement they do not charge you nothing at this point and you can get full results and you can summarize your personality in your blog or other social network profile. Check this site, know and improve your personality skills now.

About Lawrence Watt-Evans

Anyone else read this particular author? His books aren't flashy or epic but they've all been particular favorites of mine. His characters are almost universally good, rational people who mean well, most of his conflicts arise due to accidents rather that Rampaging Evil, things generally work out reasonably well, and all in all his books are just solid, pleasant little books. They do not have the scale and sweep of Jordan or Martin, and they aren't as evocative as Gaiman or Mieville, but his characters are likeable, his plots solid, and his books fun little reads.

Just as one example, I just finished a book of his titled "Ithanalin's Restoration." The plot was not epic; a wizard's animation spell goes wrong, spreading his consciousness out into various items of furniture which run away and his apprentice has to recapture them all in order to restore him to life. It basically reads as a "slice of life" story line, in a fantasy setting -- the sort of event that might makes the local news in a fantasy world, but would normally happen in the "background" of other, larger-scale tales (indeed, this book is actually set concurrently with another book in the same setting, and happens in the background of that more epic story line).

Anyway, he is written several books but I have not really found anyone else who reads him; usually I find them in the dustier sections of used bookstores, and that makes me sad 'cause he is a better author than that. I think it may just be that as his stories are less flashy he doesn't get the same degree of attention other authors do.

Local Match Review

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Heritage Web Solutions Review

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300 Movie Review

Must say I was quite curious about the movie. Considering that it’s the current US Box office winner and also the look and feel of the film seemed very inviting. A couple of reviews from friends only added to that excitement.

However, sadly, the film just fell short of expectations. Agreed, the "look n feel" is great. The picturized is novel. However, somewhere I got the feeling; it was a mixture of films like LOTR, Gladiator et al. The way the characters spoke came straight out of these two movies.

The dialogue is often forced and gets repetitive. Baring the graphic novel style presentation, there is nothing novel in either concept or execution.

A let down, for sure! Wonder what the hype all about is!

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You might consider me a snob

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Something about decidable

Decidable implies that the problem can be given a precise answer for each instance of this problem. To reach a precise answer for an instance of the problem a known and proven method is required. Close or probably is not a decidable answer.

If you can prove that there exit some instances of the problem that cannot reach a conclusive and precise answer the problem is not decidable.

Knowledge and learning, in my opinion, has a lot to do with problems that need a good enough answer.

Say you just want to know if there is a high risk of infinite loops the halting-problem comes in another light. It is always not decidable though.

Learning means open for added experience in some sort. So there should often be room for more experience that hopefully leads to more exact judgments/answers. More experience can come with a 'training-cost'. By knowing how precise answer is needed this cost can be smaller.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Halting problem and Artificial Intelligence

So we all know that solving the Halting problem is impossible (i.e. it's not decidable). It's also impossible to create a program that is capable of analyzing other computer programs because this problem is equivalent to the Halting problem. (i.e. The program being analyzed could have an infinite loop and there is no way to detect this infinite loop because of the Halting problem).

If we cannot create a program that can analyze other programs then we cannot create a machine that is capable of learning from other machines. In order for a machine to learn from the behavior of other machines it has to be programmed in such a way so that it could analyze other programs and we already said that this is impossible.

One fundamental property of our mind is its ability to learn by, for example, analyzing the behavior of other human beings.

If we cannot create a machine that is capable of learning then would not that mean that there is little hope for duplicating our minds through technology?

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New Terrarium game

I wonder if any of you have tried "Terrarium" game by Microsoft. You produce an insect that is either carnivorous or herbivorous. Or you can design a plant. You introduce it to the eco system and you watch how it manages itself in competition with other players. I have not had the time to sit down and introduce a fully designed species, but I have made some preliminary designs on a predator. Most of you can probably read an API, so take a look at the object model, and ponder that one for a bit. Particularly I hope we can discuss how a social species can be designed so that its collective behavior is purpose serving regarding hunting, defense, procreation, feeding etc. There are of course some limitations to the species and its interaction with the terrain. To start things off First, one needs to have roles. One needs to have the alternative tactics to hunt for food. There must be some statistics made which evaluate a strategy effectiveness against a particular other species. There must be a flow of communication in the different states. One needs an economic model so that skirmish and hunting packs can be economically viable. The species must be able to conquer an area and then spawn into others. Maybe it should eradicate problematic species and cultivate its food keeping it in check. So that it would not eat until there was no more food? Maybe one should have the hybrid species? The same creature should work scaled down (introduced to a new map) avoiding problematic species and scaled up (masters of the map). The communication model cannot be too time consuming. You will probably find, as I did, that there were some features sadly absent to implement a hive community.

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Programming a neural net

Programming a neural net is not a big hairy deal. The easiest way to get a good grounding is to log onto Cornell's open source courseware and look for something in about 4th year computer science.

You need:
1) A basic understanding of probability and markov chains
2) The ability to write a tiny little module that takes a single input value and returns one of up to three or four values with stated probability. This will be your node, and you will have as many of them as you can put up with in your net.
3) The ability to use object oriented programming (to create a node class that replicates them a bit more elegantly) and some sense of good structure would save a lot of work and be more elegant besides. Other little things might be useful.

It's really handy to write out your structure on paper before you start - are you familiar with finite state automata? - You want diagrams that look a bit like those. It helps. It also helps to know what you will get your net to do, and how you will teach it - again this comes down to structure, and courseware is really handy for providing examples. Here at UBC the course is at the 400 level, and I think the textbook is cited online. I will try and remember to attach a few links here when orkut is not being overrun by rabid monkeys.

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Thaler's definition of creativity

Creative Engine appears to be a lot more than it is. Thaler is taking complex data about design, materials and products, putting them into neural nets, and then injecting noise and extinction, causing strange permutations and combinations to be output, which is presumably judged and collated by another very large neural net. The selection process is still done by a human. His creative engines have no idea what the difference between a good design and a bad one is, save through whatever rules he manages to input robustly enough to survive the permutation process. I think that this shows that while a kind of creativity may be weakly approximated by dumb processes, real judgment, or analytical ability requires much more complexity or intelligence.

Human versus non-human

I am not assuming or believing that all AI approaches are equal or related to human being. I do not say that consciousness is a requirement or a possible consequence. I am just dropping some questions in other to listen to some discussion about those.

However, I do agree that since I am human, the concept that I use for both consciousness and intelligence are that of a human. By consciousness I mean to be aware that I exist and also (this should not be part of the definition, but it helps) that I can think by myself.

The questions remain:
1) Is it possible to have human-like (or better than human) intelligence in other kind of hardware, a computer for example?
2) Is there a relationship, even some kind of cause and effect relationship between human-like intelligence and consciousness?
3) Very important but extremely hard do formalize. I do not mean simulation of "appearance" of intelligence in any way. I want true intelligence, whatever that means.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Computer Emotions

For the proponents of the theory that computer will be able to mimick humans in every way:
1. (a) computers may pick the various sensory stimuli as we do, but will they be able to "FEEL" it, as we do?
(b) Even though signals traveling from our sense receptors two our brains travel as measurable electrical signals, it is 'the brain' that interprets them as FEELINGS. We FEEL hot, cold, pain etc. This creates 'sensitivity' in us, and promotes the advocacy of morals and ethics. A computer on the other hand being a product of wires and circuitry cannot realize the complex phenomenon of FEELINGS or the rationale behind morals or ethics.
2. Humans are diverse creatures, capable of forming 'entirely different' thoughts, philosophies, and perceptions relative to each other: even with the very similar sensory stimuli and genetic composition. We are also capable of BELIEVING in things with and without reason, and capable of following our rational and irrational desires.
Without FEELINGS or Original Thought or morals, or desires, or unpredictability computers will just cease to stay mere calculating machines that serve no more than what they are created for, things that cannot be held accountable for, punished, or rewarded.

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Creativity, emotions and computer

Hi people I've a question in my mind. It may be awkward...but still I want to discuss it. Normally what intelligence is defined is the way one act in certain situation but if we take a broader view then different things affect on ones intelligence that is natural ingenuity, creativity, knowledge and emotions or u can say emotional intelligence. If we take all these things together then we see that computer cannot act as human being. Computer is just mathematical methods which are discovered by human beings and if some genius discovers more powerful method then computer will fail. And it is true in many times. Then y we and other people compare human being and computer in this respect. It is obvious is not it CREATOR IS ALWAYS BEST THAN CREATION

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Difference between human mind and AI

As I mentioned computer cannot have the fundamental creativity. And creativity is defined as non algorithmic and discontinuous according to idealist theorists, example Abraham Maslow. There are two kinds of creative acts. The first, called situational creativity, is algorithmic and consists of inventive permutation and combinations of existing contexts to bring about something novel. This is the creativity that human most often pursue in their ego modality and computers can handle in principle. But there is also fundamental creativity which is a discovery of something new in a new context. This is the creativity that we ascribe to the great deeds of great people such as Einstein and Mozart, Tagore and Darwin. This kind of creativity involves the primary processes of the quantum self-experience. It is available to all of us but is relatively rare because it requires a quantum leap of discontinuity, transcendence, and freedom.

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Imitating evolution

Like all Computer Science degree holders, I took an AI programming class. In it, we learned about various neural networks, designed to be similar to animal brains. All these were simulated in matrices for speed. I was toying with the idea of a neural net that simulated more features of the human brain. Things like cell death and new cell birth (part of forgetting and learning as resources are limited), overall system depression/happiness (for guiding learning in certain directions), dendrites of various lengths with stimulants to trigger growth (idea that neuron should connect to cells near them, forming chains and clusters of related concepts that then connect outwards). Anyway, as I played with all these, the matrix was getting more and more crowded. Besides, as a C/C++ programmer I find structs and objects more intuitive. I was wondering what people thought of the idea of simulating natural brains using a struct or object describing all these behaviors, occasionally spawning and killing off new ones, and having signals traverse the web of structs from the input points.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A brute-force approach to Artificial Intelligence

With ever-increasing memory capacities and processing speeds and advances in distributed computation, and *assuming* that technological/scientific advances spur new understanding of the human brain in the next 50 years, I believe it will be possible within our lifetimes that we will have enough horsepower to emulate, to arbitrary precision as the years go on, a human brain. If this emulation is "good enough", then whether it will have a "self" is a purely philosophical issue. However, it seems certain that with enough understanding and horsepower, we can create intelligence.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puzzle - Consciousness Explained

Anyone else read "Consciousness Explained" by Daniel Dennet? His theory is that consciousness is a linear stream, coalescing, bubbling up from a massively parallel set of ad hoc committees of connections. Putting aside whether I paraphrased the theory correctly, or whether the theory holds water, what I am wondering is HOW? Let's say you had a bunch of computers on a gigabit network, each with a neural net, plus some grammar rules and a dictionary (a theory I've heard a couple of times is that grammar is more hard-wired than other functions.) How would such a network of neural nets "say" a single word, followed by another word, bubbled up from a different NN, and so on (a simulated conscious stream) without any central authority or observer? (It is ok to have a global set of rules, perhaps dynamically). Now I am not saying that finding the right set of rules that made this parlor trick work would constitute consciousness. But it would be at least a start - add motivation, direction, theme, analogy... Some smart people I've talked to think this theory might be a projection of western-, or male-, or scientific-thinking, that many humans do not think linearly like this at all, but more holistically. Dennet counters this by arguing that consciousness came AFTER language, which is more genetically hard-coded.