Friday, December 5, 2008

Computer Emotions

For the proponents of the theory that computer will be able to mimick humans in every way:
1. (a) computers may pick the various sensory stimuli as we do, but will they be able to "FEEL" it, as we do?
(b) Even though signals traveling from our sense receptors two our brains travel as measurable electrical signals, it is 'the brain' that interprets them as FEELINGS. We FEEL hot, cold, pain etc. This creates 'sensitivity' in us, and promotes the advocacy of morals and ethics. A computer on the other hand being a product of wires and circuitry cannot realize the complex phenomenon of FEELINGS or the rationale behind morals or ethics.
2. Humans are diverse creatures, capable of forming 'entirely different' thoughts, philosophies, and perceptions relative to each other: even with the very similar sensory stimuli and genetic composition. We are also capable of BELIEVING in things with and without reason, and capable of following our rational and irrational desires.
Without FEELINGS or Original Thought or morals, or desires, or unpredictability computers will just cease to stay mere calculating machines that serve no more than what they are created for, things that cannot be held accountable for, punished, or rewarded.

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