Saturday, December 20, 2008

New CreditNexus press release

We needed to have a credit report before we can be approved for the loans application that we did applied. There are lending companies that can now be easily being found on the Internet. They have thought of putting their business on the Internet. Ashworth College or Ashworth University first opened back in 1987 and was then called Professional Career Development Institute. Initially only the Professional Real Estate Appraisal Program was offered. Since then Ashworth college has grown into a University which offers 75 career related programs for millions of career oriented individuals. Ashworth uses state of the art IT systems to make student life easier like having a student portal on line where enrolled students can view their grades, track tuition payment & library access all with just a click of the mouse. For people on the go looking to advance their knowledge and careers Ashworth provides online courses such as business, Legal Studies, IT, Healthcare and offers several degree options like Masters Degrees, Bachelor's Degrees, Associate's Degrees, High School Diplomas & even career diplomas. Ashworth was put up for the working class who is talented but do not have the degrees to show and time to spare to pursue degrees. With Ashworth college online you are able to pace yourself and balance work time, study time and leisure time easily and conveniently from your computer. Ashworth University is dully recognized in the education community and is even accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council making a perfect choice for Talented, Career oriented goal getters.

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