Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Human and Machine

One objective of invention is to make a task more efficient or affective. One level of evolution, natural or otherwise, is the application of invention to all human tasks. In that respect machine will be made to complete most human tasks, if not all. So in the end the differences will be very small. I am not even sure we could claim that some organic matter that is part of us will not be part of them because if it is found that, for instance, an organic hand and its mechanisms play tennis better than a non-organic, well then there will be machines with organic hands perhaps in the very same likeness as ours. I suppose the differences will be things which we posses that are not essential for any given task, or things which they posses which we are not physically able to. Perhaps the only thing we will posses that they will not, with some certainty, is a soul. But we have yet to determine what of any real value this thing has anyway so it's neither here nor there.

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