Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stranger than Fiction Review

This one had an interesting concept, an actor well known for working in funny movies which get screwed up half way and a review stating it is an average movie. Average movie it is for it is not some hard core art cinema nor is it your daily dose of entertainment, its just sweet.

Well it's probably one of the sweetest movies i have seen in recent times. Something will neither carry forward nor brand classic but one which I would not say was a waste of time. Seems ironical the review, but then that is how the movie is pretty ironical.

It's about a writer having a writer's block who doesn't know how to kill her central character. Somewhere around the corner in real life is her central character, a real living human being who can hear her narrate his story as she goes about writing the novel. Now she wants to kill him and he wants to stop her. What happens makes the story.

It's a watch a forget cute movie which does not leave you laugh till you drop but instead end with a sail and thinking what the hell, it was not so bad, I did not waste time or money.

Reviewers say its average, I say you can watch it once, either it's the really cute actor of a very weird story line, it definitely worth a watch....

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