Monday, December 8, 2008

You might consider me a snob

I love movies, but I dislike at least 90% of the ones that appear in theaters. However, there are so many good movies produced that I have an enormous list of movies to see.

It's the same way with books. I do not have much interest in reading a run-of-the-mill fantasy book, or even a pretty decent one. I want a fantasy or sci-fi book that, at minimum, is very well done, or has some very original, unique, brilliant concepts in it. And it's pretty easy to fill up my reading queue, even with high standards. I have about 12 novels on my to-read shelf and about 60 of them on my to-buy-and-read list.

On the other hand, I try not to spend energy trashing books I do not like. When I was younger, I enjoyed just about anything with an alien or spell caster in it, and I have no problem with people who still enjoy those books.

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