Friday, October 7, 2022

Oscillation on shopping Apple Watch 8 latest version or older version 7

Apple Watch 8 latest version or older version 7

I have been thinking about getting Apple watch for a long time and finally I was able to save budget to get the device. However, the recent announcement on Apple Watch series 8 did not excite me and had complicated even more about my buying decision. Following are my oscillations about getting the Apple Watch versions
  • Get Watch 7 at Value of money and Performance: With the introduction of Apple Watch Series 8, it was evident that there were NO major design changes and only temperature sensors with women’s tracking capabilities were introduced. So, getting or buying Apple watch series 8 would not make much sense and buying series 7 at affordable price would be smart option. As getting watch series 7 at affordable price range will ensure I get best value for money and almost similar performance of Series 8 version. 
  • Delay the Apple Watch purchase by one more year: If I could not get Apple Watch Series 7 at an affordable price range, then the most feasible option would be to delay the purchase of Apple Watch Series for one more year and await on the latest enhancements added to the Series 9 version. With the delay in adoption to new features or enhancements to the design by Apple in recent years, waiting one more year for Apple watch would not be feasible option. 
With above oscillations listed, if you wanted to know more about my decision on whether I got Apple Watch Series 7 or compromised myself and got Watch series 8, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”