Friday, August 5, 2022

Experience of Ford EcoSport Accident Repair after Ford’s Exit


For a quick summary, I had a freaking accident on my Ford EcoSport car and was evaluating the options, whether to opt accidental repair from authorized service center or through third-party service centers. Post evaluations, I felt the quote proposed by Ford authorized service center was reasonable when compared to the third-party vendor and have finally decided to get it repaired from authorized service center. The car’s accidental repair and quote was done post Ford’s announcement of exiting India’s market. Following were the highlights of my car’s accidental repair at authorized service center. 
  • Accelerated Delivery and prompt response: I had communication with the Ford’s authorized service advisor over the phone and double checked on the final quote before handing it over the driver for taking it to repair. Post receiving the car, the work was started immediately and in the very next day, when I was checking about the status of the repair, I was shared with the initial repair work pictures and promised delivery for commitment date.
  • Paint Quality and factory finish perfection: The car was delivered to me on the promised date, and I was very excited to check out the repair work. To my surprise, the repair work was too good with the factory fitted output quality and the paint work was also too good that there was no differentiation between the original and re-painted color in the car. You could also check out the car pictures in this article for reference.
Even though Ford has decided to exit the sales operations in India, the service quality was extremely good, and the most surprising factor was that the quote was too good that the third-party vendor quote was put to shame. Hope the article would be helpful for Ford owners, who were hesitant to make their decisions for their car’s accidental damage. For more such articles, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”