Monday, November 23, 2020

The shattered online Shopping experience

So, I was planning to get AirPods Pro and iPhone during this festive season provided, both products were available well under my budget requirements. The festive season finally kicked-off after much off promotional hype and advertisements, out of curiosity I was constantly checking the online shopping sites for updated pricing for AirPods Pro and iPhone 11. After a lengthy wait, the sale was opened to the public, the moment I saw reduced produce of the Apple AirPods Pro, I at once placed an order and paid the full amount. However, after a few moments later I realized that, I have not applied the coupon code and have paid a marginally higher price than the revised price. I still did not mind paying a marginally higher price, provided the price was not that high and I wanted to get the product as early as possible. Still, an unexpected thing happened to me, as while I was hoping to get a price drop for iPhone 11, the price was not decreased, and my plan was completely shattered. To know more about my shopping decision, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites.”