Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ban for Smoking

Smoking ban kicks in! Hard winter comes and encourages illness through colds and other illnesses alike. The NHS is over worked with a huge extra amount of patients admitted with "not smoking in pubs" related man flu. Gordon Brown puts yet more tax on smokers while still not allowing them the freedom to smoke. Lets hope the Tory's mention they might remove the smoking ban if elected. Pub takings are down 10% as smokers stay in and drink too much vodka. Economy of local publicans taking a turn for the worse!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Information about Maths

The other day I was reading Roger Penrose's book named something like "The Large, The Small and The Human Mind," in which he draws these three interconnected spheres labeled:
2.Physical World,
3.Platonic World.
The first sphere Mentality represents the human brain, the second sphere the world we live in and the third sphere the world of mathematics which seems to be the most obscure than the other two, yet the most useful. It is with the help of mathematical concepts that we are able to explain the dance of the heavenly bodies and the existence of the electrons, protons and numerous other sub-atomic particles: in short mathematics-this game of numbers and symbols-has succeeded in explaining most of our material world. With the use of a few mathematical principles, we shall in the future be able to explain everything in the Universe (it's just a hope). Now, mathematics is the creation of Man. It is an outcome of Man's thinking. It has no meaning in itself and is just a tool. It is with this tool that man has been paving the path to the Unknown, for centuries. Furthermore, mentality can be regarded as some kind of vague physical structure. It can be said to be a part of Nature.

Review of Back to the Future Trilogy

Even though it's an old movie and hope you have heard a lot about this movie I just want to share my review about this movie or my opinion about this movie. After writing two avant grade reviews I though why not move back to some commercial entertainment. And what better than this 1985 sci-fi, that is as timeless as mind blowing is the concept of time travel itself. Perhaps the best and most fun filled movie about time traveling. You will love the characters in this movie. The story is about Marty Mcfly (Michael J Fox, cool), a teenager and Dr. Brown (Christopher Llod, superb), a mad scientist who invents a time traveling car. In the first episode they go 30 years back when Marty was not born, Doc Brown was still struggling with his hilarious experiments and his parents had not yet met! Things go horribly wrong when Marty tries to save his father from an accident.

My Summarisation

Banach-Tarski describes a way of breaking apart an object into several pieces, and re-assembling them in a way which does not preserve mass in this simple mass-preservation model. Thus, a process analogous to this is not possible in this matter preservation model.

The immediate consequence is that the matter preservation model I have described is not a viable mathematical model of physics in which some sort of "Banach-Tarski process" is possible; and equivalently, in any world which is described by matter preservation, there cannot be any process resembling what is described by the Banach-Tarski theorem.

Could it be that there is a matter-preservation model in which Banach-Tarski is possible -- for instance, if point masses are possible? Maybe; but then what's the point of talking about tearing apart the empty space in between into unmeasurable sets and re-assembling them? You take apart mostly empty space, and re-assemble it into mostly empty space; whoop-de-doo.

So, with respect to simple models of matter conservation, Banach-Tarski seems at best peurile and utterly uninteresting; and at worst, utterly unrealistic because a re-assembly process analogous to the Banach-Tarski would not perserve mass.

Now, matter is not actually conserved in our world, but matter with energy seems to be conserved. Perhaps tearing apart a sphere into immeasurable pieces requires a large amount of energy: but we don't have a good model for this, and making models of the world for the sake of theorems instead of observed data is not good science. It is in principle an interesting way of building world-models, but it is not clear that this is how science should work.

This is the basis of my argument in the other thread. I was working with an intuitive model of matter preservation, which can be formalized into what I have described above.

Info about Computer evolution

Mostly now a day every one is found of using this “CTRL+ALT+DEL” in Windows operating system. Have you ever thought of the person who invented "CTRL + ALT + DEL" key combination? "David Bradley" -- He is the One who spent 1 minute and 23 seconds in writing the source code that rescues the world's PC users for decades. I would also share some information about him here. His formula forces obstinate computers to restart when they no longer follow other commands. By 1980, Bradley was one of 12 people working to create the debut. The engineers knew they had to design a simple way to restart the computer when it fails to respond the user -- Bradley wrote the code to make it work. Bradley said. "I did a lot of other things than Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but I'm famous for that one." His fame and success is achieved each time a PC user fails. He commented his relationship with Bill gates by saying “I may have invented it, but Bill gates made it famous by applying my formula when ever any Microsoft's Windows operating system made by him CRASHES, thus I win when ever he looses".