Saturday, June 13, 2015

Information about Maths

The other day I was reading Roger Penrose's book named something like "The Large, The Small and The Human Mind," in which he draws these three interconnected spheres labeled:
2.Physical World,
3.Platonic World.
The first sphere Mentality represents the human brain, the second sphere the world we live in and the third sphere the world of mathematics which seems to be the most obscure than the other two, yet the most useful. It is with the help of mathematical concepts that we are able to explain the dance of the heavenly bodies and the existence of the electrons, protons and numerous other sub-atomic particles: in short mathematics-this game of numbers and symbols-has succeeded in explaining most of our material world. With the use of a few mathematical principles, we shall in the future be able to explain everything in the Universe (it's just a hope). Now, mathematics is the creation of Man. It is an outcome of Man's thinking. It has no meaning in itself and is just a tool. It is with this tool that man has been paving the path to the Unknown, for centuries. Furthermore, mentality can be regarded as some kind of vague physical structure. It can be said to be a part of Nature.

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