Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review of Back to the Future Trilogy

Even though it's an old movie and hope you have heard a lot about this movie I just want to share my review about this movie or my opinion about this movie. After writing two avant grade reviews I though why not move back to some commercial entertainment. And what better than this 1985 sci-fi, that is as timeless as mind blowing is the concept of time travel itself. Perhaps the best and most fun filled movie about time traveling. You will love the characters in this movie. The story is about Marty Mcfly (Michael J Fox, cool), a teenager and Dr. Brown (Christopher Llod, superb), a mad scientist who invents a time traveling car. In the first episode they go 30 years back when Marty was not born, Doc Brown was still struggling with his hilarious experiments and his parents had not yet met! Things go horribly wrong when Marty tries to save his father from an accident.

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