Friday, January 31, 2014

An Intellectual Science

You know that humanity's science and technology has been developed primarily as a result of our sight. We saw the sun going round us and realized its periodicity. And hence we got day and night. And slowly developed the geocentric theory and with more observations, got the heliocentric theory. Then came 1400s with Newton etc., who studied light and it's splitting and then there was a lot more study of EM waves which though we could not see with the naked eye, we realized that they were there because of an extension of visible light and because of their effects on various photographic plates etc. And so we studied all science using eyesight. Be it quantum mechanics, or whatever. All based on Electro magnetic theory. The question is this. What would science be like, if sight was not present? Note; do not consider a blind man situation, but an organism with more advanced senses like touch, sound etc. (say a smart bat). I got this doubt because in all science fiction stories, aliens are shown having pretty much the same technology we do or hope to do. What if their evolution skipped sight for a preferable sense which is more useful in their environment?

Oxford History in India

The Short Oxford History of English Literature by Andrew Sanders is available in Indian price version from Oxford University Press. It seeks to replace the famous and dated Legouis and Cazamian. Sanders' history is one the best books on the history I have seen. It is better than almost all other history books including David Daiches's A Critical History of English Literature, Edward Albert's history , WH Hudson's A Outline History of English Literature and more recent Ronald Carter and Mc Rae's Routledge History of English Literature. It is extremely scholarly and takes into account the complex social, cultural and historical contexts of the canonical English literature. It is a model of how a literary history ought to be written. And of course most valuable for the would-be lecturers of English who want to clear their National Eligibility Test or SLET.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a great way to bring in awareness about products. There are a few guidelines that are followed by most marketers in this area such as keeping the message within one message windows. The messages are usually checked against recipients now wanting to receive such messages and this is taken very seriously by both the service providers and the bank! There are messages that are irritating but calls are the most troublesome. I think technology has given us ways of non-intrusive ways of reaching customers and SMS is definitely one of them.

Nano-technology and science

The science of the miniature- nanotechnology, though a relatively new field is fast emerging as the 'favorite of all' kind of technological arena due to its application in almost every field, from medicine to fabrics. 'Nano' in Greek means dwarf and material, when reduced to Nano dimension (10-9metre =1namometre) shows drastic changes in Physical, Chemical, magnetic, optical, mechanical and electrical properties. This promises exiting applications in bio science, medical science, environment, electronics, cosmetics, security and variety of other fields.

Everything on this earth is made up of atoms, which are the smallest particles. The properties of everything are determined by the arrangement of the atoms. Thus, if atoms in coal are rearranged, we can get diamond. At present, though scientists are able to move molecules and atoms in a mass yet they are still not able to precisely manipulate them. But in future, nanotechnology will allow as redesign easily and create what we want exactly. Further, Nano materials would be very light, strong, transparent, and totally different from bulk material because they are a thousand times smaller than the diameter of human hair, which is around 60 microns.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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