Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something about Kerchoonz

Kerchoonz is a forward thinking multi-media company conceived to help level the playing field for artistic people. The social media platform lets registered artists and songwriters share their music and videos with fans while getting paid for every stream and download through a combination of the ISRC and play counts by using unique coding and encryption within the application. Kerchoonz pays unsigned acts half of a penny for every play and up to 10p for every download - by far the largest payments available to any act choosing to give away their music online. If you want to get some free music via streams and downloads, you should visit the good guys over at kerchoonz dot com. They have built up a system where the artists and labels get paid via advertising revenues. As a fan, you can also make money by referring other bands and artists to the web site. This provides a truly interactive experience for fan of music. This web site is free for listeners and people who are looking to download music. For me the fun section is the great part - I got stuck there at my first visit for quite a while. I love those little flash games and Kerchooze offers a good variety of them. My favorite game so far is Cunning Stunt and you better watch out for Spark - come on, try to beat my score! Of course Kerchoonz offers all the features you would expect from a good social network, too. So what are you waiting at? Stop reading and register at Kerchooze for free, broaden your musical horizon and ensure that your favorite artists get paid for their hard work!


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