Friday, December 5, 2008

Difference between human mind and AI

As I mentioned computer cannot have the fundamental creativity. And creativity is defined as non algorithmic and discontinuous according to idealist theorists, example Abraham Maslow. There are two kinds of creative acts. The first, called situational creativity, is algorithmic and consists of inventive permutation and combinations of existing contexts to bring about something novel. This is the creativity that human most often pursue in their ego modality and computers can handle in principle. But there is also fundamental creativity which is a discovery of something new in a new context. This is the creativity that we ascribe to the great deeds of great people such as Einstein and Mozart, Tagore and Darwin. This kind of creativity involves the primary processes of the quantum self-experience. It is available to all of us but is relatively rare because it requires a quantum leap of discontinuity, transcendence, and freedom.

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