Friday, December 5, 2008

Imitating evolution

Like all Computer Science degree holders, I took an AI programming class. In it, we learned about various neural networks, designed to be similar to animal brains. All these were simulated in matrices for speed. I was toying with the idea of a neural net that simulated more features of the human brain. Things like cell death and new cell birth (part of forgetting and learning as resources are limited), overall system depression/happiness (for guiding learning in certain directions), dendrites of various lengths with stimulants to trigger growth (idea that neuron should connect to cells near them, forming chains and clusters of related concepts that then connect outwards). Anyway, as I played with all these, the matrix was getting more and more crowded. Besides, as a C/C++ programmer I find structs and objects more intuitive. I was wondering what people thought of the idea of simulating natural brains using a struct or object describing all these behaviors, occasionally spawning and killing off new ones, and having signals traverse the web of structs from the input points.

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