Friday, December 12, 2008

Free Lander Review

The Land Rover next generation Freelander is the hot topic. The Freelander, wholly designed by the Rover Group, was born after market research in the late 1980s suggested that a market for compact off-roaders was likely to develop. Do you think that all 4X4's are unfriendly beasts? Then I think you should check out Freelander SUV's. For many who would have thought that all 4X4's are nasty polluting machines they have a size category that easily slips into the £8 congestion charge zone.
The Land Rover has a configuration that passes 225g/km limit in 2.2 TD4 guises for natural transmission. The Freelander produces just 194 g/km, which is very comfortably within the £8 zone and it's plushest and best equipped among its range. This machine does not have any trouble in shifting gears yourself in huge London's traffic. If you opt for automatic Freelander which emits 224g/km - perilously close to that limit. You just have this FreeLander and you will not mind leaving your Range Rover at home during the week.

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