Monday, December 8, 2008 - Legit Debt Settlement

There are many differences between debt settlement services and debt management services. Usually people mess up with this, and they do not know which one to choose. But in this post I may let my readers know the differences about debt settlement and debt management. There are various sites around Internet providing debt settlement services but only few are trusted. The most trusted site for debt settlement services are offers debt settlement services for consumers who need help reducing their debt amounts. The debt management and debt settlement are two completely different services. Debt management is really best for consumers who do not have charge offs are not too far behind (if at all) in their credit card bills and have not messed up their credit. Basically a debt management company will negotiate with the credit card companies to lower interest rates, stop the late fees and then combine the totals into one low (affordable, they will create a budget) monthly payment that is typically paid out over three years. That is debt management. Debt Settlement is really only for people who cannot pay off their debts in full, even if put into a payment program. They've already messed up their credit, they are way behind and they have old debts. A settlement company will come in and negotiate with the credit card companies or debt collection agencies for you to pay off a portion of the debt. Depending on a variety of factors such as the age of the debt, type of debt they can usually set things up so you are paying anywhere 30% to 70% of the total debt. You have to qualify for this and it's not advised for people who have not totally messed up their credit. specializes in helping consumers who need to do debt settlement only. They are experts in helping the right people settle their debts for hugely reduced amounts. That being said, they are a legit company and if you call and you are better off in debt management or if they think that you can handle this on your own, they are going to tell you. They are a very honest company and will not just take anyone's business. So you can trust and I assure it.

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