Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Opinion about God

According to me god does exists, but it's not the one who created us, in fact its human being that created the god. From the very beginning of human life, human consciousness as well as sub consciousness created god because of need, need to overcome his fear, need to explain the unexplained. The root cause of creation of god is human need. Thus, god is brainchild of human mind. And since we have created him, it's obvious that HE exists and will keep on existing since we need HIM. There might be some force who have created the entire universe and beyond but the "GOD" that we are talking about is certainly not this force. Please do not mix our concept of GOD and the creation of universe. God is only as much universal as we can think HE is. The existence of god is certainly beneficial for human kind and this thing should be realized and respected. Human being if somehow learn to control himself, learn not to go wrong if have powers and learn to respect and adore other human beings, then friends I think that there would be no need of GOD. Otherwise, god is a pretty cool and amazing idea...

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