Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fundamental creativity

Creativity all the way related to the free will. So the question arises: Can machine have the appearance of free will, if its circuitry is based on chaos dynamics? This could be discussed in materialistic point of view. Chaotic systems are determined, but they are extremely sensitive to initial conditions; since these initial conditions cannot be determined very accurately, the errors multiply and make it impossible to predict the behavior of chaotic systems over long periods of time. Thus being determined is not the same thing as being predictable. If the behavior is not predictable, it could easily be assumed to have free will. But that would be unnecessary carriage. Once again, can chaos dynamics give the robot access to fundamental creativity? It is a fact that chaotic systems stuck in a given pattern (technically called an attractor) can bifurcate to a different attractor if some system guidelines are changed. Could this dynamical change of attractors not simulate fundamental creativity? No again. Chaos-machine computers, if they are to be of any use, must operate within the contexts that the programmer gives them. All computer systems act as trial-and-error systems quite appropriate for situational creativity, but not fundamental creativity, not for the purposeful discovery of a new context. The programmer alone has the purposive ness and the freedom to bring about new contexts.

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