Thursday, April 23, 2015

Developer Contest by IDUG

There is a new opportunity for all the XML developers offered by IDUG. IDUG offers a search for pure XML Superstar. Search for pure XML Superstar contest is meant for developers and database administrators familiar with any database. However the questions asked in this contest are more from DB2 9 and pure XML perspective and hence they have tried to provide relevant link to the multiple choice questions which they have asked, where ever possible. The XML Challenge offered by IDUG contest
is designed to recognize developers who will shape the XML landscape of the future. If you're a student, then you can leverage your entry in your job hunt. If you're already in the professional ranks, you can gain some well-deserved recognition for your XML skills. This competition consists of five different contests aimed at students and professionals alike. Each contest offers its own recognition and set of prizes. The range of skills encompasses those with a passing interest in XML and database technology to those with hardcore programming skills in DB2. Before participating, you will first need to take a Quick Quiz, a short questionnaire that requires no prior XML or database experience to complete. You only have to take the Quick Quiz once.

You can choose the contest from given below:

Video Contest: Invent a creative use of XML, XQuery or DB2 and record yourself doing it.

Gadget Contest: Develop a downloadable gadget or widget leveraging DB2.

Query Contest: Use XQuery to find five answers. The best queries win the best prizes!

Ported App Contest: Port or develop a new app for DB2. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.

XML Contest: Win by building useful, user-friendly XML apps from scratch. Enter as an individual or assemble a team.

Earn participation points for each entry. A special prize will be given to the contestant—the “XML Grand Master”—that amasses the most participation points.

Take up the opportunity from IDUG and become a XML superstar with various prizes and offers.


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