Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Advertising and Managers Information

There are increasing blog advertising network found in Internet. But only few networks create a buzz between the bloggers and the advertisers. Blog marketing is the term used to describe internet marketing via web blogs. These blogs differ from corporate websites because they feature daily or weekly posts, often around a single topic. Typically, corporations use blogs to create a dialog with customers and explain features of their products and services. Blog marketing has also influenced many organizations use blogs with their user community. This allows them to share and preview product features, functions, and benefits before the products are released. I found one of the best networks which satisfy both the advertisers and bloggers known as Snap Bomb. Blogs are an excellent way to gather feedback and to make sure products meet the needs of users. Bloggers can just write a review about the advertiser’s product and can get paid to their post. Blogs have become the next generation marketing tool to corporate websites which merely post collateral and do not provide any interactive feedback. Blogs are also supplementary to a User Group. User Groups happen annually for example while blogs provide users constant daily and weekly feedback. Thus Snap Bomb Blog advertising has created a new evolution in Internet for advertisers and bloggers.

I just wanted my visitors to know about Indian managers. I have just read an article about Indian managers which stated that “Do you think Indian managers are equipped to be global managers?” and here is the answer for that question. I believe the new generation of Indian managers is well equipped to be global managers. The key requisite for being a global manager is to be able to relate to and manage cross border cultural and business mores. It also requires the ability to develop a global vision which allows managers to search for opportunities globally and to employ resources from anywhere. These skills are increasingly being developed in Indian managers thanks to the exposure that the Indian IT industry has provided and to the fact that there are a lot of “Born Global” companies taking shape in India. Born Global companies are companies which have global operations from the start. I believe with the kind of exposure available today Indian managers will increasingly become better global managers.

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