Sunday, July 9, 2017

Information of Bible

The Bible talks of how a long time ago, there was only one language unlike the many languages that exist today. I think you'll find the lines in the Book of Genesis. Now man was becoming very powerful and so arrogant that he began to think he could reach the heavens with his sheer strength. Therefore, God, in order to teach Man a lesson decided to create different languages in order to disable efficient communication. People wouldn't be able to share their thoughts if there were different languages and Man would be brought down a peg or two. The tower of Babel was built by King Nimrod in order to commemorate two things: The fact that the city of Babylon had achieved grandeur and also, the existence of language. Therefore, whenever people speak of Babel, they are actually paying homage to language and its essence.So if I were to speak of having the knowledge of Babel, I am saying that I respect and understand the power of language. 

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