Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cellit Mobile Marketing

Businesses today are finding new ways to attract customers to sell their products and services. The traditional ways of advertising like Print media, Television and Radio are replaced by Internet and Mobile phone. Mobile Marketing is a simple way to help you connect with your customer. It is by sending the customers text message so you can contact your customer so that you can give the services for your customers easier. It will help you who have business, small business or big business, to have connection to your customers.

In the Internet you can find many web sites which provide you service of mobile marketing. The example of the web site that provides you this kind of services is Cellit Mobile Marketing that can be visited in This site has many services offered to you, for example Cellit Studio which allow you to do advertising via mobile phone by sending people a text message, House4Cell that makes you easier advertise the house you want to sell by send the prospective buyer, a text message of the information and the pictures of the house that will be sold. In House4Cell service, the buyer will also receive, link to contact directly the seller. This site has worked with many kind of business, and has many clients in many kind of business. Some of the clients are big business, like P & G, DELL, Philips, HSBC, GPS Insight, and many more big business.

They have a service called House4Cell. A revolutionary new tool designed to help home buyers with a better way. In House4Cell provides real estate text messaging system, which has been proving to be the best and a lot of features, the best customer service at an affordable price. The rapid information about what your customers need to immediately via text messages on your phone so you can easily complete information with photos. It is a simple and user-friendly. Go to the web site for more information.

If you are interested to the services offered, you only need choose the services and you will be directly brought to the site of the services. Once you enter the web site of the services you can make a registration by buying short codes that will help you connect with your customers. If you need more info about this site services and how it works you can read in the web site of each service. Do not be hesitant to visit this site, because you can see proof that services given is quite good by looking the clients.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ring Central Review

Hope everybody would have heard about the Voice over Internet protocol. There are many services which are providing this facility. Yesterday, I was searching for one fine service which is providing VOIP. When I was searching I came to see Skype, lingo, vopibuster, etc. But everything seems to be normal but found a real good one which seems to be very mush user friendly. The name was RingCentral. It is same as Skype, that you can make calls to other countries through computer. You can make calls from computer to Phones of other countries at very low fare. So instead of making calls from Phone to Phone you can make calls from PC to phone. In Ring Central you can also avail a Toll-free number and so if you are doing business you can boost it up using this toll-free number. There is also fax service available with Ring Central. The fare is also low for calls, which is 0.039$ per minute. It is a complete enterprise class phone with fax features. Moreover if you want to know about more of its features you can log into the site called, where you can find more reviews about Ring Central Review column. You can also write testimonials about the products in the site. After coming to know this entire feature with ring central, I have decided to go for this Voip service to make foreign calls. Since my friends are in abroad, this will be useful for me to reach them often. Thanks for voip.

New Fire Casinos

Many sites nowadays provides you with online casino reviews, but most of them are not the best reviews. People who are interested to know about the best online casino reviews, please visit Casino Games This is one of the best online casino reviews. In this site you will get to know about the online casinos, free casino games, poker rooms, sports betting, beginner's guide, game reviews, about bingo, about craps, about keno and many more. To know more about this site please visit Online Casinos In this site online casinos offer state of art of the game graphics and sounds.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Get all new ringtones

The needs of the mobile phones uses keep on growing along with the easiness the gadgets offer. Such easiness is including the ability for us in doing the communication stuffs easily. And in these times, the mobile phones have transformed themselves into the stylish gadgets that can be used as the way we can modify our own styles. One of feature in mobile phone is ring tone. One of feature in mobile phone is ringtone. Last, mobile phone ring is just midi or wav system but today mobile phone ring more creative and modern. You can create and set your ringtone with your favorite song from your favorite singer. If you are still using last ringtone you must change your ringtone now and find your ringtone at, website that provides you mobile phone ringtone, wallpaper, horoscope, theme and more features free. Last, mobile phone ring is just midi or wav system but today mobile phone ring more creative and modern. Flycell provides you a lot of ring tones, games, wallpaper, themes and more services. In flycell you can download all genres of music from your favorite singer. Beside that ATT ringtones are giving you alternative entertainment with cool application for your mobile phone. AT &T provides you Tmobile ringtones that suit to your need and style. Beside that, four categories are offered in this site especially for ringtones service. Now you just browse in this site and you can download free your favorite song for your cool ringtone.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Egnyte file sharing review

Egnyte delivers infrastructure on-demand services to small businesses looking to outsource their IT infrastructure. Egnyte’s customers come from a wide variety of industries and include consultants, financial services firms, marketing firms, web design firms, accountants, real estate and mortgage firms, start-ups, medical & pharmaceutical companies and numerous non- profit firms. Egnyte supports customers today across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Egnyte has recently announced that it will be establishing an unique file sharing software focused solely on net books. Its new file server will allow unlimited online storage for net book users. The new program will permit users to gain access securely and share files quickly and easily. Egnyte intends to be the only company offering an integrated and on-demand file sharing solution to tackle the problems of data storage, file backup, and information transfer. With Egnyte’s new program, there will be no need for file-server hardware as users’ file will be securely stored in an instantly accessible way. Egnyte works with most platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Web access works with Fire fox, Safari 3 and Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Monthly fees start at $15 per full-service user.