Sunday, October 19, 2008

Creating of new Channel

We usually know about a famous channel CNN-IBN, have you ever noticed truth about that channel. Here is little information about that famous channel. Rajdeep Sardesai (born May 24, 1965 in Ahmedabad) is an Indian political commentator and TV personality married to Sagarika Ghosh, daughter of Bhaskar Ghosh, while director of DD a India Government run TV Channel. Sagarika, before joining CNN-IBN, worked with the Indian Express. He was the host of the award-winning talk show The Big Fight on NDTV 24x7, one of the leading Indian news channels and was particularly appreciated for his coverage of the Gujarat riots. Rajdeep Sardesai later quit NDTV to start his own company, Global Broadcast Network (GBN) in collaboration with the American giant CNN and Raghav Behl's TV18. The latter broadcasts the Indian Edition of CNBC, the Hindi consumer channel, Awaaz and an international channel, SAW. The new channel with Rajdeep as the Editor-in-Chief has been named CNN-IBN. It went on air on December 17, 2005. Channel 7 has also come under this umbrella after Rajdeep bought a 46 percent stake in the channel.Also

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