Sunday, January 4, 2009

Real Estate Mobile Technology service review

Do you know that mobile is an effective way for your business? Yes, mobile phone can be the best way for you to promote your product. Mobile marketing is very common now. Many companies have been turning their marketing target to the mobile phone users. They can reach their potential buyers by sending instant text information about their products. Imagine there is a real-estate marketplace and you are a realtor looking for leads, you go there, sign up an account and then list your property information such as address, contact information and then photos of the property. For every listing you are automatically created a code like Jane01, then you can go to your property where you have put an advertising and add the lines “Text JANE01to 3034 for instant home info”. When people see this they text to that number and get home details, they are sent up to 3 photos so that they can take a look of the property right within the cell phone and if they are interested they can phone you. How easy is it to get your information across and how easily you have earned a lead? Now try imagining this situation, that you are looking for a home near beach and see this bungalow with a contact board saying that to text to this number for instant information about that house. You immediately send the text and see the pictures and other information and like it, you then call that realtor and then immediately ask for a visit. Sounds like a dream? No more! Introducing House4Cell (, a Real Estate Text Messaging Solution that makes the above 2 scenarios possible. As a realtor you just have to create an account and follow the instructions. It’s that simple and mobile marketing being this simple, you have a whole new way of acquiring leads and this service helps in increasing your bottle line. -> Check this demo to see how this works in 3 minutes, you can get started in under 10 minutes and have phones ringing to get your properties instead of querying to know more about the house and picture requesting or any other calls thats not related to closing deals such as visit requestion, mortage query, etc If you a retailer looking to market your company in varied other ways than just this, you can try Cellit Mobile Marketing.

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