Thursday, November 20, 2008

Airport in India

The world over aviation-oriented attempts was making steady progress. In Europe the first energy propelled plane 14 BISCENTOS was made by DUMONT and 1909 a French pilot, Louis Bleriot crossed the 21 miles wide English Channel for the first time in 37 minutes.

All these historic events were taking place abroad, back in INDIA; Mr. Henri Picquet flew on 18th February 1911, from ALLAHABAD to NAINI carrying mail. This made INDIA the First Country to start the AIR MAIL Service.

Meanwhile, the British Indian Government established the INDIAN Air Board in 1920 and in 1922 the British civil aviation ministry entered into a contract with the IMPERIAL AIRWAYS for operating flights between LONDON and KARACHI. In 1926 the Indian Air Board submitted a long memorandum to the Civil Aviation Department, demanding that:
1> Arrangements should be made for making Air-Strips at convenient place for take-off-and-landing of planes in India with necessary instruments etc
2> A director for civil aviation be appointed
3> Main Air-routes be surveyed
4> Financial help should be given to the organization running the air service between CALCUTTA and RANGOON.

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