Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mulholland Dr. Review

David Lynch, another filmmaker i have appreciated over the years. He simply unconventional and the kind you have to develop the taste for. Everything that he makes has that eerie feel to it, the camera work, the narrative, the score. This is one of the less full-scale movie created by David Lynch. A woman, seemingly well to do, is about to be murdered on Mulholland Dr. in her car, when a group of drunk kids bang into the car creating a completing wreck, with very less chances of survivors. The woman survives with an injury on the head. But she has gotten temporary amnesia. Not knowing what to do she breaks into and stays in an empty apartment. Then walks in an aspiring actor into the apartment, which turns into not only a friend but a companion into the wild journey they go through to find out who she is and what went wrong at marshland Dr. This movie is 2.5 hours long but seemingly small for it is well paced and well handled. You may figure out the suspense halfway but it is the narrative and spooky think that keeps you back to finish the movie. Another one great, which unfortunately got popular for the lesbian scene involved rather than the story which only classes, could make head or tail of and a style of presentation that is not in the good books of the entertainment oriented masses.

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