Sunday, November 23, 2008

Science and Religion

Consider somebody atheist and even an atheist scientist gets in a deep problem and he feels no natural way out of it says his child (or his nearest relative or beloved) has a hopeless disease like cancer, does it feel strange to you if you see him praying for something to help him out of this? I am sure your answer is negative. So why is it not strange? We know he is atheist and in other word he doesn't believe anything except the reasonable facts. This is the inner and sometimes hidden need that I am talking about. And no one can deny it. Now the question is: What is this? What do you name it? We should not make a mistake this is not the religion itself but it is the need. If the man described above had the ability to be aware of the emotional procedure taking affect within his mind/soul what would he be starting to believe in? My answer is at least he would begin to shape his own personal religious belief and may be different to all other religions. So what should people mostly ordinary people - who are not scientists or philosophers yet - do with this requirement? Could anybody show them a firm belief to depend on? If somebody shows such a belief they call him a prophet. And the belief itself would form the religion. The hope that there could be a day where the human kind would have no essential problem that cannot be solved by some scientific focus seems to be a fiction. So the religion and religious thought would last forever.

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