Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Space and time are not two sides of a coin

Why do you think so? In AWT exactly the opposite appears pretty logical. Only at the case, the energy can spread immediately through environment, it takes some time and we can talk about space as well. And the model of water surface explains, why the time dimension is asymmetric with compare to space dimension: every space-time is flat density fluctuation of Anther. Such view is consistent with geodesics concept of relativity, btw. In addition, the foam model of another brings a new testable prediction into space-time concept, for example the explanation, why some scientists are talking about two-dimensional time (in 3D foam the space is formed by pair of surface gradients in each space-time membrane). It means, the model of space-time by AWT is pretty well substantiated and it brings a new deep insight into it. While the claim of yours isn't supported by any evidence or reasoning by you.

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