Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Tell a Friend" Widget

As Advertisers and marketing people know their best efforts are nothing compared to satisfied customers spreading the message by word of mouth, about something they like. Pramati Technologies,  a Hyderabad - based Internet application developer, had created a website, Social Twist, adding a Twist to the way we use Internet sites. And to fuel this site, they are offering a free widget ( that is a small graphical interface users can manipulate) called "Tell a Friend". So often we come across interesting web pages or offers that we would like to share with people on our email list. These may be in different email services - or a part of our network of friends on Orkut or other social sites. It is a huge hassle to copy a page or link to friends who are thus dispersed - and this is what "Tell a friend" lets you do across instant email, email or social nets without straying away from your chosen site. It sounds complicated, but is really simple. The widget can be downloaded from Tell a Friend. A video clip explains how it works.

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